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Bergnek Community Projects Cooperative, is a My Arms Wide Open Community Empowerment Initiative that supports the people of Bergnek in Limpopo, South Africa. It's co-led by a local called Keabetswe Mosumane, whose story inspired him to do all he could to better the circumstance for women, youth and children of his home town.

The coops goal is to transfer skills within and outside the community through a number of development opportunities. Each of the projects they take on start as a locally based business venture serving needs identified by the people themselves. The projects support food security, education, infrastructure, and leadership development within Bergnek to ultimately empower our community to sustain itself from within.

This website invites innovators and impact investors to engage with the people of Bergnek so they can better understand the situation on the ground. Doing so will enable them to transfer their skills, and the way they invest, in making a real difference to people and communities throughout the world.

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